Friday, 22 October 2010

Getting ready for Christmas!

As christmas is only around the corner we have been getting into the spirit of things by making our own christmas collection! Here are items that are available to buy! All handmade by myself.... Christmas tree decorations Christmas bunting to drape around tree, banisters or fireplace!Large sack so santa can fill up with pressies! ...Oh yes!

Hanging heart decorations with the sweet smell of lavender! Which is picked from a local lavender field in my area!

Christmas items are available on my website, or you can comment below. Hope you like as much as I enjoyed making them. Will be making more so will post very soon!

Love Louise x


  1. LOVE the bunting. Also love the background wallpaper for your it new or am I very bad at noticing detail??

  2. Thankyou. Its not new, im just as bad though. lol xx