Wednesday, 13 October 2010

HK & Oz in one!

As I had such a lovely time I just want to share some images that I took last xmas and New year down under. I went with my partner for a month to see my Dad. We had the best time, lovely hot weather, everyone was soo friendly. Plus we missed most of the heavy snow that we had in Jan this year! which was a bonus! Took me a while to adjust back to the freeze! But i have to say that it was very strange having a BBQ on the beach xmas eve, christmas day not being cold and boxing day going sailing. There were xmas decorations and lights along the beach. Strange but in a good way!
We stayed in Brisbane, then travelled down to Sydney for New Year, stayed on a ranch in Canberra and then back up to Brisbane where we flew to Hong Kong for a few nights. The whole experience was amazing and would recommend both HK and OZ to anyone! Plus went to a few markets and met lots of lovely crafters!!
Sailing on Surfers Paradise

Sydney habour early New Years Eve before the fire works kicked off!
Brisbane, sat with a kangaroo in Steve Irwins zoo! Partner was on his toes just incase one went for him Hong Kong at night is amazing. All the lights from the buildings and the hussle and bustle in the old back street markets!
Old HK trams. They are so skinny!

Cable car up the mountains in HK!
Overall I took about 3ooo photos with a camera that my partner bought me for the trip. But I wont bore you with anymore! Will definately be going back soon!
Louise x


  1. I was in HK in August, part of our honeymoon trip - did you go and see the Big Buddha at Lantau? The glass bottomed cable cars are scary, not being a fan of heights!

  2. Looks lovely, me and my partner really want to go to Oz one day and I've always fancied New Zealand. Those trams are small!!x

  3. yea we went to see the big buddha. We didnt go on the glass botton ones, just the normal ones but still a little nervous on them! lol.
    Zukie its defo worth going, plus the plane journey wasn't that bad considering its soo long! I cant wait to get back out there. xx